I was interviewed about my journey with Bee Venom and the piece aired today on the UC Berkeley campus!   It is 4 min long and I hope you’ll listen.  A San Francisco Lyme specialist, Dr. Raphael Stricker MD, was also interviewed.  I expected him to comment that BVT was experimental, which he did.  However, he is the Lyme specialist who diagnosed me after seeing so many different dr’s and for this I am very grateful.  He may change his mind about BVT once Dr. Eva Sapi’s recent research gets published.

Listen here:  https://soundcloud.com/j-school-talks/j275-williams-beefinalmp3

and watch the youtube piece here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9IaO2NGVguo&feature=youtu.be

I began my bee venom journey with traditional antibiotics used to treat Lyme disease.  While I felt a bit of relief, it was not enough to think that was all I had to do.  I noticed great improvement when I added the bee venom to my therapy.  I added this on my own at home without the prompting of a doctor.  I continued my antiobiotics for 3 months with the bee venom until I felt more improvements and decided to try the bee venom solo.  I stopped the antibiotics and haven’t restarted them for any significant amount of time.

I look forward to reading the research that Dr. Eva Sapi PhD has done on bee venom therapy and lyme.  When her research gets published there will be more credibility behind this great therapy.   It is currently being reviewed in a peer reviewed journal and awaiting publication.

Interview on Lyme & Bee Venom with Dr Raphael Stricker MD
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