There is a day in August 2014 that I call my ‘Head Explosion’ day.

It started out as all days might, but I had a sudden onset of dizziness, blurred vision, and tingling in my arms and legs. This was followed by a snap sound in my head, and I felt a blood vessel along my right eye burst. I thought it was a stroke. A trip to the E.R. ruled out a bleed in my brain, and the diagnosis became Bell’s palsy.  Which it wasn’t.  And my symptoms quickly accumulated.

My right arm and right leg exhibited paralysis, along with my face. And the leg kept getting worse, heavier and heavier, with an internal itching sensation. I felt like I was walking with a vice around my thigh. Then one day, the internal itching region burst and I felt biting sensations all over the body, followed by very visible redness covering my abdomen and chest. I then began having night sweats, drenching the bedding, pajamas, and my physical body. The lymph node swelling and tenderness began shortly after in all the major lymph regions.

This was followed by extreme vascular pounding, like heartbeats in my thighs, pelvis, abdomen, chest, neck and head. The pounding was moving around as if I had just run a marathon, but in reality I was just sitting down. And then the internal vibrations came along. The insane feeling that something was moving around like a cell phone on vibrate inside my body. You could even see the skin move as if I had an alien moving about inside. The vibrations were followed by an acid feeling in my veins, throughout the body.

All of these symptoms managed to confuse many doctors. Thankfully I persisted in my research to find an answer, and after 27 different doctors were consulted, 8 trips to the E.R., and countless scans on my body, I received a diagnosis of Lyme disease.   I was flabbergasted.   How could a bacteria cause all these symptoms that felt like what I imagined must be leukemia or bone cancer?   But it was true.  An organism was spreading rapidly in my body into every organ, tissue and cell.

pic 7

I don’t know how I contracted it, but I do know it must have been dormant for a few years. I felt it develop slowly. The symptoms initially were extreme fatigue, hair loss, weight gain, and a pounding along my right temple like an ice pick headache since sometime in 2010.

I was relieved to receive a diagnosis, but still couldn’t believe it was all caused by the Lyme spirochete and co-infections. Regardless, I started on the oral antibiotics that might help.   And shortly thereafter, I received an email about a woman named Ellie Lobel, who cured her Lyme and co-infection by using the venom from honey bees. Being into natural health, I was intrigued. I researched it and soon after, began my own journey of healing with the honey bee venom.  And it has changed my health and my world for the better.