Hi all, I have completed 11 months of BVT!  One year ago I was sitting reading the story of Ellie Lobel’s bee attack in bed and debating whether I could do this therapy.   It took about 15 min. of thought and then the next month was spent researching supplies and getting ready!

In these last 11 months I have improved a lot.  That being said, I am also ‘still improving’.  I have noticed many improvements.

Last week I had a live blood analysis done, also called Blood Microscopy,

Live Blood Analysis
Live Blood Analysis

with Jenny Holmes, a live blood microscopist in CA.   It was interesting to see that my blood cells actually look healthy!  There are signs of ‘cell entry’ or invasion from a bacteria, and fungus was present, and there were signs of mineral deficiency.  However, I have good response of the WBC’s fighting back, which means my immune system is active!  Considering I stung with bees about one hour prior to the Live Blood Analysis, I am glad to see the immune system was on guard.   But I didn’t have any of the stacking up of cells, or even any striations which would indicate a biofilm presence.   This vision into the health of my live blood cells was a good confirmation that I am doing the right thing.  I only wish I had known about it when I started out in this journey.  But I will repeat it in 6 to 12 months to compare.

Here is my current symptom list:

BETTER or GONE: Brain fog, Fatigue, Internal Biting Sensation, Thigh Neuropathy, Night Sweats, Calf neuropathy, Shooting/ Stabbing Bartonella pain, Itchiness of palms, EMF sensitivity.

SAME:  Lymphadenopathy (swollen lymph nodes in axillary regions), Internal Vibrations

WORSE:  Headaches.  I am being evaluated with MRI of the head, brain and pituitary.  So far two are completed and look ok.  If they come back all within normal limits, I will be looking into mold and thick blood as contributing factors for the ongoing pain.

CONSULTS:  I have had a few consults with a great Hematologist, my Lyme Literate MD, and for the Blood Microscopy.  Otherwise, I am pursuing Bee Venom as my main therapy.  I have been off the antibiotics now since month 4 of BVT.

DAILY LIFE:  I am under some stress but managing to control it.  I am also pursuing new hobbies, one of which is Beekeeping 🙂  I will have an official hive this spring and am looking forward to tending it with great anticipation.  The fact that I feel strong enough to continue working and running my chiropractic office solely, and to exercise one to two times a week, and to explore the idea of having a beehive to take care of, are all results of my response to my BVT.

I allow myself plenty of rest and take detox very seriously too.

Bee Well!




11 Months BVT – Live Blood Analysis March 25, 2016
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