One year of BVT done and counting! I added up my stings and they come to 1700 as of yesterday. Wow. This has been an amazing year.

Not only have I improved immensely, but through my BVT groups, I have found support, friendship, laughter and hope that there is life after Lyme!  There are online facebook bee venom support groups, as well as our local community BVT group in the bay area.   New friends made this year and a new lease on life.

Here is my current symptom list:

BETTER or GONE: lymph node swelling, jaw tightness, internal biting sensation, right eye pain, Night Sweats, Pounding heartbeat, calf neuropathy, shooting/ stabbing Bartonella pain, itchiness of palms, EMF sensitivity, internal vibrations, insomnia, bladder pain, blood in urine, pelvic pain, neck stiffness.

SAME: headaches, right lower leg numbness, leg weakness, fatigue

WORSE: Nothing

DAILY LIFE: I am working part-time and have started beekeeping with a top bar hive! What a great new hobby.  There is a fair amount of family stress at the moment but I’m giving myself down time to rest and recover.  I’m doing well.  I love my spare time watching the bees in my hive, which is meditative and mind clearing.

Thankful for my bees and everyone who has offered support.    I feel 80% improved!

12 months of BVT! My fight with Lyme as of April 23, 2016
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