I am now a beekeeper!!   I am so proud to say that I now have a beehive and it is such a blessing.  It is my way of giving back to these wonderful little healers that are healing me so much from Lyme disease!  I decided to go with a top bar hive, as it is easier on the body, and not difficult to lift at all!  It is so much fun too.

I’ve had a few ups and a few downs this month… I still experience some symptoms, but… the things that used to be graded a 9 out of 10 on a severity scale, are now a 2 or 3 out of 10!  For example, I still feel my internal vibrations, that’s my main ongoing symptom, but it is so much less annoying than 13 months ago!  It’s barely there.  I have a few other symptoms, mainly fatigue, but they’re not hugely affecting my life.

I get occassional pains from Bartonella in my hands and feet still, but also, not nearly as strong as they once were.  Significantly less and not a daily, or even a weekly occurance.

I am doing some fun things!     Enjoying my garden, pruning and even weeding are fun.  I cover myself head to toe just in case, but that won’t stop me.   And, swing dancing to my favorite groups here in the San Francisco Bay Area is great!     And taking some long walks with a friend is enjoyable.  I feel my legs are getting stronger and I can attempt to do more.   I even am back in zumba at times!   I also allow myself to sleep a lot, because I need it.  I am working and I need to allocate my time well.IMG_3654

And beekeeping is a hobby that is also peaceful.  It allows me meditative time in a crazy world.

But 13 months is a huge accomplishment, and I am into my second year now!! Woo-hoo!

13 months – My second year fighting lyme with BVT!
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