Time for an update.  I am in month 21 of BVT…   I’ve improved immensely, I’d say about 80- 85%, but, to be honest, there were some recent setbacks.  I have now gotten beyond those setbacks but I’ll start there.  And, to be clear, I have been dealing with Lyme, Babesia, and Bartonella.

I went through a bad slump with retracing of my symptoms from months 16-20.  It was not fun, and I feel I retraced some symptoms even stronger than they were prior to starting Bee Venom Therapy.   I was discouraged and concerned, and did make sure it was nothing besides lyme and coinfections by going to the ER and some Dr’s again, but they thankfully didn’t find anything new.

My symptoms which got worse in these last few months were increased internal vibrations, worse headaches and sharp ‘ice-pick‘ sensations in my head, neck stiffness, blurred vision, numbness / weakness of my right leg and arm, jaw pain, chest pain, and some sharp bartonella pains.  It all came back rather suddenly and was scary.

The other time that I experienced some retracing was in months 8-9.  But it wasn’t as severe as the last few months.   I lost my dad last year, in month 15 of my BVT therapy.  I did a lot of travel outside of California while he was ill and managed to keep self-stinging by having small quantities of bees shipped to Illinois where my dad lived so I didn’t stop BVT.  But my symptoms didn’t get worse until a few weeks after he passed away.  Maybe that’s when I just crashed from all accumulated stress.

However, now, almost all of it has since returned to my pre-month 16 state of BVT.  Once again I feel improved, and am now dealing mostly with the internal vibrations and some chest pain.  I feel 80- 85% better.  I feel the Bartonella pain is about 90% improved too.

I’m hopeful that that was the LAST time I have to retrace some of those awful symptoms, but am aware that I am not done.  I do plan to sting for 3 years.

DAILY LIFE:  I continue to work part-time with my own business, I am exercising 2-3 times a week (zumba/ yoga / elliptical), and find time to garden.  My legs feels much stronger and that weakness is gone again.

Thankful for my bees and everyone in these wonderful BVT groups, you are my hive. ❤   I hope to encourage you to keep stinging.  I am one of those who had early improvements with BVT, and now in month 21, I am still glad I decided to choose the bees over any other therapy.

21st month of Bee Venom Therapy BVT!
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