I wanted to officially post that I was finished with BVT.  I stung myself with honey bees for 33 months and no longer have symptoms of Lyme, Babesia, or Bartonella.  Of my infections, Bartonella is the one that lingered the longest.  I improved rapidly in months 1-6, and then gradually thereafter from months 7 through 24, and then the last few symptoms of Bartonella persisted for about another year so I stung through month 33.  I stopped stinging in March 2018.   I am now rid of these infections and a beekeeper for life 😊

Symptoms that resolved were numerous and varied.  Some of them included brain fog, internal itchiness, fatigue, muscle pain, leg weakness, pulsating heart beats, night sweats, stabbing pains of hands and feet, blotchy skin, lymph node swelling, neck pain, jaw tightness, intense headaches, nerve pain….  It all went away over 33 months of bee venom therapy.

I used bee venom, propolis and bee pollen during this time … I did antibiotics initially before starting bee venom for a short while.  I dropped the antibiotics 3 months into BVT and never took them again.  I also did not combine BVT with other herbs or therapies.   My detox was mainly lemon water, Pekana herbal tincture, baths with Epsom salts, H202 and sometimes Borax; weekly coffee enemas, and hot yoga.

I did self-stinging for BVT.  It took a little time to learn how to catch the bees, and get more comfortable working with them. But I quickly learned how to calmly grab them and self-sting.   It is empowering to be able to be in charge of your care.  I then joined the local beekeepers organization and went to monthly meetings to learn about beekeeping.   About a year into BVT I started my own full bee hive, ‘top bar’ style.  I now have two hives.  This will be a lifelong hobby and a way to give back to the bees for helping me get rid of my tick infections.  Working with my bees is a very calming hobby.

Keep stinging, don’t give up… everyone’s journey is different so don’t compare!  It’s worth the fight!  You can do this.

Recovery from Lyme Disease with Bee Sting therapy
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